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Vestkorn is the biggest producer in Europe of protein- and starch concentrates from dry processing of pulses. The company is also the only one in Europe running this kind of processing plant on a continous basis, 24 hours a day. As every miller knows, contionous operation prepares the ground for the best and most stable quality. Add to this operators specialised in running this process all the time and the most modern processingline in Europe. A processingline with a high-end monitoring system continuosly optimizing the parameters to make the process and products as optimal as however possible. Vestkorn is also a leading producer in Europe of pea fiber (Fibradan), split peas, whole cleaned peas and dehulled peas after the take over of the pea activities of DLG Ingredients in January 2016. Depending on availability, almost all products can be supplied certified organic. Vestkorn produces and sells ingredients. And thats it! Unlike other suppliers of pea concentrates in Europe, Vestkorn does not produce and sell petfood nor feed. And never will be. You can be 100% secure that buying from Vestkorn is not a support to a business competing with your own. And you can be 100% secure that we do not have a hidden agenda. You can fully trust our integrity. In North-America, Vestkorn is represented by distributors with storage facilities across the country reassuring ability to supply and short lead times. Vestkorn is the biggest exporter of 100% Natural pea protein from Europe to North-America and the only producer of a 100% Natural 65% faba protein concentrate. Please read more on the page “North- America”. Products from Vestkorn are all delivered in branded bags with the Vestkorn-logo clearly visible. The history of the company starts in 1855, long before any of us working here today were born. We are running a mill being in operation in more than 160 years, going through good and bad periods, sun and rain,  big changes in the society and two world wars. The mill has survived because of the will and capability to change. We are a part of this history and we are quite proud of it! The start of the company is still represented by the old mills powered by the waterfall. Today they are a museum and are located next to the operative mill. The water fall is now used to produce renewable electrical energy used in the processing of pulse ingredients and the old mills are only in operation on special occasions.