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Vestkorn ColdGel PS70 – An innovative 100% natural, grain-free and cold-water swelling binder. The booming global pet food market, is experiencing strong growth in many product formats and characteristics including: Grain-free products formulated with alternative carbohydrate sources to reduce the negative gut health effects sometimes associated with grains like wheat and corn Cold-pressed dry pet food manufactured using “low” temperature to produce easily digestible, highly nutritional and palatable products Snacks and treats To support these trends and meet the demands of discerning pet food manufacturers and pet parents, Vestkorn Milling AS based in Tau, Norway, is delighted to announce the launch of an innovative, 100% natural, grain-free, cold-water swelling pea starch.  Controlled using internationally recognised food safety and quality management standards including ISO2200 and GMP+, Vestkorn Milling AS use sustainable pulses in a dry milling process (without the use of chemicals) to manufacture Vestkorn ColdGel PS70. This nutritious, palatable and digestible raw material is highly recommended for use in grain-free petfoods including treats and cold pressed kibble, at up to 30% inclusion level. Vestkorn ColdGel PS70 delivers benefits to both the petfood manufacturer and pet owner. Based on its high- water binding capability (4.5 x its own weight) ColdGel PS70 aids finished product texture and is also a good source of non-cereal carbohydrates, protein and minerals, making it an attractive choice for the pet food producer. Today’s discerning pet parent, can also be confident not only of the benefits for their dogs but also that this product is environmentally friendly and manufactured to the highest internationally recognised food safety and quality standards.
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